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Every defeat implies a victory. The dissolution of the First Protectorate Parliament led to the brief and unpopular Rule of the Major Generals. Hey it was worth a shot. Link: The Hero of Two Worlds bookshop map Tell us where you pre-ordered the book! Who has ever heard of such a thing? Send in your feedback at 304-837-2278 or Be sure to check out the related blog for access to pictures, maps, and links to more useful information on each week's episode. But it turned out to be a *great* war. When people are crying out for help, maybe don't murder them in the streets. Then Cromwell invaded Ireland. These valedictory moments assess, with poignant but unsparing clarity, both the rulers who ultimately couldnt save the old order and the revolutionary firebrands who couldnt stay atop the new. His financial policies and religious innovations annoyed many of his subjects. Not necessarily the same as the old boss Somebody is getting eaten. After the French and Indian War, the British Ministry started levying new taxes on the colonies. Reading + Signing Reading + Signing The French colony of Saint-Domingue was the single most lucrative colony in the New World. Give a Gift Get A Gift:, In June 1848, France discovered class conflict. Why have two revolutions when you can have one big long revolution? Barnes & Noble Appendix 8- Wars Both Foreign and Domestic. [39] Rian Johnson was listening to the History of Rome podcast as he was writing the script for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Seminary Co-Op, 7:00 PM Please enjoy this chapter about Lafayette's tour of America on the eve of my own tour of America. Aug 23 Midtown Scholar with Ben Rhodes Revolutions takes deep dives into the world's most momentous political revolutions, from Mexico to Russia and beyond. You can tell Mike is passionate about the subject and makes its exciting. In October 1789 some angry houswives changed the course of the French Revolution. As the walls close in on the Revolutions of 1848, the final loose ends will be ground up by millstones, but still stamp the future with fertile soil to grow new liberty trees. PHILADELPHIA, PA Anthony Kruger | Sponsor: WebLast featured in the 11-10-2017 Scout Report, Revolutions has continued to explore these periods of political upheaval and societal transformation. Come hang out with Patrick Wyman and Me on July 22 to celbrate the launch of his book The Verge! War will cause another revolution? Register for digital book talk with me and Jonathan Katz on his new book: Gangsters of Capitalism Jan 18 w/ Politics and Prose., Napoleon conquered Europe. Ok, maybe it wasn't a great war, but it *was* a great offensive. A must listen for anyone remotely interested in world history. Send in your feedback at 304-837-2278 or We did it! The Second Commission was supposed to implement the Law of April 4 and defeat the slave uprising. Sponsor: sponsor link: Sponsor: 10.2- The Adventures of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels dreamed of revolution. Oct. 26 Boston @ The Wilbur The largest and most encompassing of those civilizations to Duncan was always the Romans. Duncan is able to piece together people and events without being overwhelming. Revolutions takes deep dives into the world's most momentous political revolutions, from Mexico to Russia and beyond. In 1825 Upper Peru became the independent nation of Bolivia. Powells | As power passed from Louis XV to Louis XVI, royal ministers attempted to implement reforms, but were thewarted at every turn. Special Announcement: Mike Duncan Inks a Book Deal, This is a real thing that is actually happening: More of me and Patrick being me and Patrick. sponsor: Sept. 8 Portland -- Powell's Books BOSTON, MA The perfect balance of detail and pace. Really should have called this episode The Verge. BROOKLYN, NY A link to the map to tell us where you pre-ordered the book! Duncan drew inspiration for the Revolutions podcast out of a deep personal interest from his teenage years: "When I was really getting into history when I was a teenager, the American Revolution was my favorite period of American history. | 6.04- Stop The Presses , Here is a link to the map if you don't like the embed: The July Revolution Map. 10.81-_The_Revolt_of_the_Left_SRs_Master.mp3, 10.80- The Revolt of the Czechoslovak Legion, 10.80-_The_Revolt_of_thre_Czechoslovak_Legion_Master.mp3, 10.74- The Great October Socialist Revolution, 10.74-_The_Great_October_Socialist_Revolution_Master.mp3, Event w/ Dr. Good news, you're not alone. Sponsor:, The great Marxist meet cute. Webrevolutions podcast maps; messi world cup 2014 final; revolutions podcast maps. Here is a link to the map if you don't like the embed: The July Revolution Map To select and de-select layers click that little white box in the upper-left. Revolutions Mike Duncan Subscribe Visit website A weekly podcasting exploring great political revolutions. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. Sponsor: Sponsor: For more text, pictures, maps, and sources, please visit my site at Sponsors: Followed Mike Duncan from History of Rome to Revolutions and he does not disappoint. Aug 20 Politics and Prose with Jamelle Bouie White colonial rule ends. WebPreview of Spotify. His son and heir Richard was iunable to hold the Protectorate together. [33], Duncan appears as a panel historian on seasons two and three of the Netflix documentary Roman Empire,[34] and was a historical consultant for The Simpsons' episode I, Carumbus. WASHINGTON DC, DC Sept. 22 Raleigh -- Quail Ridge Books I have listened to History of Rome more than 10 times and Im on my 3rd time on Revolutions. 10.74- The Great October Socialist Revolution. Reading + Signing After Pride's Purge, Charles I was executed by the Rump Parliament on January 30, 1649. That time everyone stayed home from work. Aug 20 Politics and Prose with Jamelle Bouie Tbh, it's bit like one of those "circle five differences in these two pictures that otherwise seem identical" games. 12/5/17 Now: The Russian Revolution Next: ??? He forgets who birthed and nurtured him. The podcast concluded in 2012. In hindsight. Battle of Tsushima Video, Bloody Sunday triggered the largest popular protests the Russian Empire had ever seen. Now they had to figure out what to do with it. Sept. 13 Denver -- Tattered Cover (Aspen Grove) Everyone know Marxism isn't applicable to Russia. The Duma is about to get a new roommate: The Petrograd Soviet Indigo, Do you want a constitution? Oct. 5 Seattle @ Town Hall Pre-Order The Storm Before the Storm! What more can be said about this amazing podcast? 10.55- Whatever Happened To The International? But what happens when the revolution comes and then goes? WebRevolutions Revolutions Sun, 25 December 2022 Final Episode- Adieu Mes Amis If you wanna drop a tip on your way out the door, Click Here To Donate. Sept. 16 Houston -- Brazos Books Indiebound Then the slaves REALLY revolted. Powerhouse Arena, 7:00 PM Barnes & Noble On 24 October 2017, Duncan published The Storm Before The Storm, a non-fiction work which explores Rome between 14678 BC, the period predating the end of the Roman Republic. Books-a-Million Simn Bolvar and Jose de San Martin met for the first and only time in July 1822, In 1822, Antonio Jose Sucre and Simon Bolivar liberated Quito and made Gran Colombia whole. Naperville Oct 12: Anderson's Bookshop Neither war nor peace! With the revolution on the line, George Washginton led his army to victory at Trenton. Actually it was more like 13, but who's counting. Bonaparte almost gets beat! | If you are looking for a history podcast, this is the one. In the 2010 Podcast Awards, The History of Rome won best educational podcast.[11]. New Revolutions Tour coming in June 2014! Oh nothing, just living out a childhood fantasy, In February 1848 the National Guard had finally had enough of the July Monarchy Book Tour! "I sort of stumbled into it, so I was reading a ton of Livy at the time, and a ton of Suetonius, and then I had just gotten into Tacitus. Posted by: Mike Duncan. * New York Times Bestseller List The Revolution Podcast by Golden Spiral Media is a podcast dedicated to the NBC TV show Revolution. over 500 years and 12 revolutions, we learn what our ancestors did to give us freedom. Episode Numbering. | I spent a whole period of time being really into the Russian Revolution. Amazon As the New Model Army debated the merits of constitutional democracy, King Charles was scheming to put himself back on the throne. Spring 2015! Who expropriates the expropriators? [25] In an interview with the Washington Post Worldview, Duncan claimed his aim for the book was to "pull back two generations [from the time of Caesar] and ask, 'What was it that opened the cracks in the foundation of the Republic? #marquisdelafayette #Americanhistory #FrenchHistory #2Complicated4History #twitterstorians. Sponsor:, This week, it's nothing less than The Divine Savior vs. Duncan reported that he hopes to turn this idea into a multi-season series and is currently in early discussions to do so. In 1625 Charles Stuart became king of England, Scotland and Ireland. In 1872, the First International fractured into rival camps led by Marx and Bakunin. The debate over the coming Estates General awakened the political consciousness of the Third Estate. Indiebound From the bestselling author of The Storm Before the Storm and host of the Revolutions podcast comes the thrilling story of the Marquis de Lafayettes lifelong quest to defend the principles of liberty and equality A NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER A #1 ABA INDEPENDENT BOOKSTORE BESTSELLER Few in history can match the revolutionary career of the Marquis de Lafayette. Instead they came back stronger than ever. Can anyone guess which one Lenin and the Bolsheviks will choose? Check out the book:, In the spring of 1911, Francisco Madero unleashed the tiger. 03 April 2017 at 04:48 AM. [38] Similarly, Peter Adamson mentioned Duncan as one of the reasons he started his History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps podcast. Sponsor:, 10.52- What You Already Know About The Origins of WWI, You already know a lot actually! 10/25/17 Grace | Books-a-Million Why have two revolutions when you can have one big long revolution? Everything is great now! Oct 17 -- Nashville -- Parnassus Books Frank Gulla | APRIL 30, 2022: Live Performance at Coletivo in Milwaukee. Come see us in NY: Intelligent Speech Conference. CBS This Morning Segment Look ma I'm on the tee-vee. Links to details Direct Link: 4.02- The Web of Tension The History of Rome. WebThroughout human history, governments have fallen after dramatic upheavals within society. COME! I've been trying to get it done, but it's just not working, so I'm pulling the plug and punting to next week. Aug 24 The Strand with Alexis Coe In the fall of 1793, the French Republic started to gain traction against its enemies. He is able to contextualize the important parts of history for these great turning points. Well, actually, probably not. Further unrest plagued Spanish America in 1809 as the situation deteriorated back in Spain. But it wasn't like the revolution in Russia. 12/4/17 Hang them on the wall of every classroom. The Days of Freedom could be numbered in days. This is a super detailed podcast that covers not only the known people, but lesser known ones too. Sponsor:, They didn't get dubbed "The Duma of National Anger" because they were quiescent and complacent. Benjamin Wittes of Lawfare Blog wrote, "Never has a book about history that's two millennia old been so timelyYou'll learn as much about the problems we face today from this book as from any newspaper",[27] and a review in the Huffington Post praised his "congenial style", claiming that he "zeros in on Rome's polarization between "optimates" (conservatives) and "populares" (populists), the disintegration of participatory democracy, and the concomitant rise in inequality, uncivil discourse, and violence. War will prevent another revolution. Amazon Sponsor:, SNEAK PREVIEW: Hero of Two Worlds Chapter Four. Come see us: Intelligent Speech Conference. Powells In addition to podcasting, Duncan is the author of two historical books. Oh nothing, just living out a childhood fantasy, In 1847 and 1848 opposition leaders spent good money to eat bad food while listening to bad speeches. Enjoy! A weekly podcast tracing the history of the Roman Empire, beginning with Aeneas's arrival in Italy and ending with the exile of Romulus Augustulus, last Emperor of the Western Roman Empire. Posted by: Live off the land. Revlutions_Podcast_Update-_The_End_Is_Nigh.mp3, 10.27-_Coming_Together_Drifting_Apart_Master.mp3. The fall of the July Monarchy set off a chain reaction throughout Germany that climaxed with intense fighting in Berlin. PHILADELPHIA, PA Charles II raised an army of Scots to help him claim the throne, but they were defeated by Oliver Cromwell at Dunbar and Worcester. Their combined force defeated the Royalists at Marston Moor. If you have iTunes and it doesnt open automatically, try opening it from your dock or Windows task bar. Nothing lets slip the dogs of war like a Revolution. By far, the best. Sponsor: Come! Oct 15 -- Toronto -- Ben McNallys The Bolsheviks caught the car. The word revolution means coming full circle, so it seems like the best way to begin the end. In early 1830 King Charles X tried to beat back the liberal opposition. The Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen sure seemed to imply that men were born free and equal in rights. If your nascent bourgeoisie isn't big enough or rich enough to industrialize your Empire, just call Sergei Witte. WebThe word revolution means coming full circle, so it seems like the best way to begin the end. I always keep a map open while listening to your podcasts anyways, so having one specifically annotated for what you're going over is a great help. by. If you dont have iTunes, download it for free. It just went into hibernation. What happens when you think victory will be easy, defeat will be catastrophicand then you start to lose? Sign up fast for Hero of Two Worlds Events! If you are enjoying Revolutions, please support the show so I can keep doing it full time. Comments (2), Direct Link: Appendix 7- The Entropy of Victory, Oct. 27 Washington DC @ Lisner Auditorium, Oct. 29 Newark NJ @ New Jersey Performing Arts Center, 05:53 PM | Permalink Wisconsin Book Festival: Wisconsin Historical Society, 10:30 AM Background on the American Colonies. Main page (scroll down): I also love the map. Is the end nigh? He meets the French and Indians at the Battle of the Monongahela. Here is an episode indexfor his fabulous The History of Rome Podcast Episode 000: Introduction The English Civil War The American Revolution The French Revolution The Haitian Revolution Collage Professors may even lean how to make there classes more inspiring so as to produce, in there charges ,more then the production of Melatonin. In 1864, a group of working men formed an international association called The International Working Men's Association. Comments (1), Appendix 10- The Revolution Devours Its Children, Appendix 8- Wars Both Foreign and Domestic, Newark NJ @ New Jersey Performing Arts Center. For discussions and history in and related to Mike Duncan's books and podcasts. sponsor:, Wherein we ask the ask the eternal question: Was it really a coup? And that was a bit of a problem. The show often goes into detail left out of most surface coverings of the events that let's you see how individuals actions shape history as well as great ideas. Also, Bolvar swears to liberate his country or die trying. Setting up the stage for the Reign of Terror. Each episode discusses the mystery and story lines of Revolution, character development, theories and fan feedback. In fact, it explicitly said so. Episode 006: British Take Charge: Battle of the Monongahela. WebThe Revolution Podcast by Golden Spiral Media. I picked this thinking it would be a droning account of history that I could fall asleep to - I was so wrong! WebRevolutions is fun because of the complex overlapping of all the different stories. Faith Hillis for her book Utopia's Discontents, 10.71-_The_Democratic_Conference_Master.mp3. Amazing, thank you so much for producing this. After the skirmishes at Lexington and Concord, war between Britain and the colonies broke out. Powells A link to the map to tell us where you pre-ordered the book! Its very timely. Press J to jump to the feed. Thanks, and keep up the good work! Every victory implies a defeat. A brief description of the soldiers who fought in the English Civil Wars. Find me on tour: 10/24/17, '"[26], The book received widespread praise, with many reviewers noting how the events described in the book portend to modern times. sponsor: See you on the other side my friends. WebLast featured in the 11-10-2017 Scout Report, Revolutions has continued to explore these periods of political upheaval and societal transformation. 10/27/17 I love this idea, it's so helpful - thank you! Sponsor: HelloFresh, To celebrate his new reform program, Prime Minster Stolypin handed out commemorative neckties. Sponsor:, Just as Mexico was being kicked around by an economic crisis, Porfirio Diaz dropped a political bombshell. Seriously. Sponsor: Please enjoy this chapter about Lafayette's tour of America on the eve of my own tour of America. West Coast Tour: Now: Russian Revolution. #marquisdelafayette #Americanhistory #FrenchHistory #2Complicated4History #twitterstorians. There, he starts a world war. Reading + Signing Sponsor: Order the Storm Before The Storm: PORTLAND, OR "[40], Hero of Two Worlds: The Marquis de Lafayette in the Age of Revolution, The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, United States Declaration of Independence, French Declaration of the Rights of the Man and of the Citizen, "Hero of two worlds: The Marquis de Lafayette and the Age of Revolution /", "Eye on Italy Interview: Episode 55: The History of Rome with Mike Duncan", "How Mike Duncan turned a passion for history into a podcasting career", "The Morning News: Articles Written By Mike Duncan & Jason Novak", "The Storm Before the Storm: An Interview With Historian and Podcast Superstar Mike Duncan", "Podcast Awards - Past Winners 2005-2016", "Podcasts Are Doing To Advertising What Uber Has Done To Transportation", "The Best History Podcasts to Listen to Right Now", "These Fascinating Podcasts Will Turn You Into a History Buff", "Revolutions, self-help and the election podcasts of the week", "The Storm Before the Storm: The Beginning of the End of the Roman Republic", "Hardcover Nonfiction Books - Best Sellers - November 12, 2017 - The New York Times", "The Lawfare Podcast: Populisms Ancient and Modern with Mike Duncan", "5 HOT BOOKS: A History of Bunk, the Fall of Rome (with Modern Parallels) and More", "Hardcover Nonfiction Books - Best Sellers - Books - Sept. 12, 2021 - the New York Times", "Why Don't the French Celebrate Lafayette? On Day 2 of the Estates General, the Third Estate went on strike. Le Cap burns. After the events of 9 Thermidor, the Revolution began to swing back to the right. k. When the Thermidorean Convention introduced the Constitution of Year III, the political Right went a little nuts. The American colonies declared independence in July 1776. In late 1643, Parliament sealed a military alliance with the Scots. Back where it all began On March 18, 1871 the government of Adolphe Thiers attempted to seize control of the National Guard's cannons. A fantastic series. You owe them the time it take to listen and find out why they did what they did. In 1625 Charles Stuart became king of England, Scotland and Ireland. In April 1914 the United States invaded Mexico. "[8], Regarding modern history, Duncan has predicted that Silicon Valley may be seen in the future as groundbreaking as the Renaissance was, stating that "we have lived in the last twenty years through some of the most impressive advances in human civilization. The Russian Revolution of 1905 actually began in 1904. Question Time! And if so where they are? Jos de San Martn gets zonked on opium and marches through the Andes. English, French and American Revolutions Tours! 8,816 likes. Someone was having senseless dreams alright. Madison: Kismet Books Appendix 10- The Revolution Devours Its Children. Nothing lets slip the dogs of war like a Revolution. And the length of Rue Francois Miron to the intersection with Rue de Jouywhich is what the Third Column fought down.]. | Sponsor:, Why propagandize when you can agitate? Book Culture, Time TBD [14] Publications including Time,[15] Popular Mechanics,[16] and The Guardian [17] have included Revolutions on their lists of recommended podcasts. Mike Duncan expertly weaves the story of some of historys greatest events into a fun easy listen. Voyage of the Damned Video Aug 20 Politics and Prose with Jamelle Bouie I had google earth open for the last two series. Direct Link: Appendix 11- Meet the New Boss, 06:10 PM | Permalink Mike Duncan is one of the first names in podcasting. Hey look I'm on Twitter:

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